2021 SA National Gold Panning Championships Gallery

While scrolling though this 2021 SA National Gold Panning Championships gallery you can relive all the fun and highlights.

The Unusual in the SA National Gold Panning Championships Gallery

Curious about the water carrying pics? A memory from the 2021 Championships that should live on as it shows the wonderful sense of community of the gold panning family!

At the start of the second day the main water supply was off and the panning dams couldn’t be filled after cleaning. A pump and pipes were sourced to pump water from the river – but the hose was too short to reach the panning dams.

Young and old pitched in to form a chain gang to fill up the panning dams. Note the smiles and laughter! Within half-an-hour the dams had water and the day’s events could start. Since then two JoJo tanks have been installed, and water pipes upgraded, so that going forward we will likely not experience the same problem again.

Follow this link for the results of the winners in the official categories in the 2021 and all the past championships

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